Hi, My Name is Aryan

I write codes & assemble them innovatively to give life to ideas by building creative applications!

About Me

Full Stack Developer with over 6 years of experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, Ajax/Json python, SQL, APIs and MVC programming. I have been involved in Tutoring Design, Implementation and integration Web applications. Expert in developing Applications on MVC architectural design pattern.
Specialist in optimizing the efficiency of Applications to reduce the use of resources to optimize costs and reduce budget by up to 40%
SEO Specialist with extensive experience in performing keyword research, developing and implementing digital promotional strategies and plans, increasing the website's ranking & organic visibility .
I also have experience in other sagement of Linux, aws and hosting management.






Amazon Web Services

Additional skills

Web Scraping

Work with APIs


Project Management & Analytical skills

100% Complete

Key Qualifications

Full-Stack Developer

Mono Projects
  • Developed Full-Stack web application with processed, delivered, and published files and applications online.using PHP,MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery
  • Managed File center with Linux servers, for developers and publishers to publish their applications & games
  • Implemented MVC Architecture by enabling data shared between model, view, and controller simultaneously.
  • Responsible for the integration of UX/UI code
  • Managed, Implement, optimized, and updated Databases as necessary.
  • Ensure applications Security and ability to interact with multiple APIs and databases
  • SEO specialist with 4+ years of experience
  • Content planning and strategy, with competitor and target audience analysis
  • Monitored site traffic, back links and ad performance
  • Maximized applications’ efficiency, data quality, scope, operability, and flexibility.
  • web application visitors analytics and statistics and improving Website to make it more USER-FRIENDLY

Full-Stack Developer

  • Teaching Front end. Design and develop with HTML, CSS, JS. responsive design
  • Back-end developing, Creating dynamic websites using PHP, ASP.NET , Python Django
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Working with APIs
  • Database Develop0ement
  • Software Security

My Experience

  • Jan 2017 - Present
  • Programming Tutor/Freelance programming
  • Software Design,Back-end, Front-end,Database, Security
  • 2017 - 2019
  • MONO Projects
  • full-stack web application,Projects and Team Manager
  • Jan 2017 - Present
  • Programming Tutor/Freelance programming
  • Software Design,Back-end, Front-end,Database, Security
  • Jan 2016 - Aug 2017
  • MONO analysis and statistics Application
  • Back-end Developer